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During Pandemic Covid-19

This pandemic is like a crashing wave, while each of us fights in a different boat. Starting from the awareness that this pandemic has an impact on all of us, I am sure that this pandemic will also bring wisdom.

Each of us holds the opportunity to choose what to do in this situation. This is where it is important for students to have awareness of opportunities as well as challenges in facing lectures from home.

The impact of this pandemic requires learning or lectures to be done online. students who usually come directly to campus and meet lecturers and other friends, now have to do it themselves in their own homes

Various challenges and obstacles are experienced by every informatics engineering student in carrying out online lectures, which have been going on for almost 4 months. Every student has the choice of how to do this online lecture, the option to take it for granted and the option to access new opportunities that may not be obtained during direct lectures, such as participating in various activities online.

As an informatics engineering student at the University of Wijaya Kusuma Surabaya, I will tell you about the experience of doing lectures online and how to maintain the enthusiasm for conducting online lectures.

In my opinion, there is no reason not to be excited about studying from home. Besides, when else can we attend lectures while lying on the mattress, no need to take a shower and save on transportation costs if not because of the pandemic. The principle itself in taking education is that 60% look up and 40% look down. This means that I pay more attention to the achievements that I have not achieved, while many other students my age have achieved far more. During my studies from home, of course, I had more time to surf on Youtube to see vlogs of students who had been successful from an early age. This provoked me to continue to be excited and take advantage of the free time bonus when studying from home to develop myself so that I could get more achievements. While the remaining 40% percentage is to be grateful for such a situation so that you can feel the pleasure of any learning freedom.

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COV-19 Pandemic

In my opinion, as a student who has to study from home during the pandemic, he realized that there are many positive things that can be done besides lamenting the challenges of studying online. Whether we realize it or not, lectures that are conducted from home are used more as material for complaints than as a means to develop oneself when you have a lot of free time at home. In this case, I chose to take advantage of opportunities to develop myself through several activities. In between lecture activities from home, it is usually used to fulfill a hobby, namely reading. Then after class hours or weekends, usually almost always use it to attend Webinars. Various class choices ranging from personal development, social science, business, to regular communication that are happy to follow to increase knowledge and relationships. Self-development in the pandemic era is also carried out by continuing to carry out organizational activities, including the management at HIMA UWKS which has begun to be busy with several work programs, especially to welcome new students. In the end, the Covid-19 pandemic affects all groups and lines of life, but how to respond is a choice.

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